Universal Dimmer

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R03002 is a typical push dimmer work with extra push-button, it is to be built-in the wall-box with push-button switch. With a small body can load less than 200 W, and has high performance of dimming function.


  • Dimming with extra push-button
  • Memory function

How it works

  • Output will be the power off when turn on the first time
  • The output power will dim to lowest smoothly, stay
  • Release the push button, push again then dim to full power and stay

Detail description of all parts

ItemFeature or function
NConnect to null line
LConnect to live line
LloadConnect to load
PConnect to push button
LIGHT MEMORY ONDimming status keep in memory
LIGHT MEMORY OFFDimming status always release
POWER MEMORY ONDimming status keep in memory when lose input power
POWER MEMORY OFFDimming status release when lose input power
SET MINIMUM POWERSet the minimum output power ratio if the load not working well

Recommended wire connection

Single way connection
Two or multiple way connection

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